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Dear Mr. President,
Vladimir Alexandrovich!
I appeal to you because I have almost exhausted other legitimate options to solve the problem.

In the city of Kharkiv, an actual U.S. citizen, Nataniel Douglas Macleitch - operates under the trademark "QuIckblox" using the legally registered company "Injoit LTD", which, in turn, is registered in the UK and pays all income taxes there. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07150135/officers
And the profit, in turn, for that citizen of the USA, is earned by about forty citizens of Ukraine who carry out the work in one room, have the developed structure of the enterprise which includes executives of different levels: financiers, accountants, department of search of personnel.
Links to Ukrainian nationals working for Injoit LTD, which is represented in the international IT market under Quickblox TM https://www.linkedin.com/search/resu...21804354%22%5D
Also, this person uses your authority among citizens, and your speech about providing Ukraine with investment conditions and your personal words about security guarantees for every investor who invests in the development of our Ukraine for their useful purposes. He says that he is an investor who has invested millions of US dollars in Ukraine, that he has been doing business in our country for over ten years!
In fact, he has been doing business in Ukraine for over ten years, but in Ukraine he has neither a registered company nor a subsidiary - the information is in the appendices.
During all this time this "investor" paid neither a penny to the state budget of Ukraine, nor to the local one! With an average profit of more than one million US dollars a year! I have asked the government agencies that should exercise control to verify the activity of this entity, and unfortunately I have received replies in the spirit of our modern bureaucracy. I attached all the replies in the appendices.
I ask you as a guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine to help the local authorities of the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the State Department of Labor in Kharkiv region to stop the illegal activity of US citizen Nataniel Douglas Macleitch and his assassination.
Letter from the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine dated 11.12.2019;
Letter from the Main Directorate of the STS in Kharkiv region dated December 24, 2019
Companies House Print Screen;
Print-screen of the page with the register of the European Union intellectual property office;
Print screen of social networking pages for finding and establishing LinkedIn business contacts;
Print screen of pages from dou.ua section "offices";
Print screen of the page from dou.ua section "reviews";
Print screen of the page from dou.ua section "questionnaire".

02/20/2020 EV Kyryushichev